Follow Up Breathing Consults And Coaching

Follow Up Breathing Consults And Coaching

How to Make the Most of Your Breathing Education and Maintain Self Health Control

  • Within 12 months of completion of your course you are able to attend any session of a group course as a refresher at no extra tuition cost. 
  • ​To optimise results we recommend a six month and yearly follow up consult – your WOF breathing check-up. When in-person, this includes a capnography biofeedback assessment.​
  • When we get support that holds us accountable to what we commit, we improve our chances of success by a significant margin.

  • Breathing coaching offers another option to help you sustain the breathing pattern changes you have made. A breathing coaching session is  one-to-one and individualised to meet your needs. It can be in person or via an internet session. Coaching sessions can be booked one at a time or a block of six monthly sessions at a reduced rate. 

  • Although you will have the knowledge and tools to maintain your breathing health once you have completed a Breathe Free course, sometimes the events of life such as illness, accidents, trauma or stress and even changes to any medication you may be on, can challenge your breathing health again. It can be helpful at such times to book in for a follow up consult.

Breathing Coaching Fee


A client who took advantage of breathing coaching sessions for a year and a half following her course had this to say:

“I had periodic mild to severe episodes of asthma in addition to colds or flu that would regularly become bronchial infections. The worst of these … prompted me to begin breathing retraining. In the more than a year since I have been engaged in the training, I have had no more episodes of asthma, no colds or flu, and no episodes of bronchial or lung infection. I no longer need a bronchodilator and am in the process of eliminating a daily corticosteroid (which Leslie has since done) …I highly recommend the Breathe Free Clinic’s breathing retraining to others.

It has been a great pleasure working with Felicity. Our written and video (Skype) communications were always prompt, well planned, and well executed. Felicity was very knowledgeable and well organised. Thank you.”

Lesley (66yrs via Skype in UAE)