Breathing Retraining Courses


Group or Individual

If your initial breathing assessment shows some breathing dysfunction you are likely to be recommended a Breathing Retraining Course.

What is Included?

  • Learn the signs and symptoms of unhealthy breathing.
  • Deepen your awareness of your own breathing habits, and learn how these impact your health: from energy and stress levels to sleep quality and mental health.
  • Understand the science of breathing.
  • Learn about common breathing-related health conditions such as asthma.

  • Become educated on what causes your breathing habits to change for the worse.

  • Learn how to turn this around by learning breathing exercises and techniques designed to establish healthy breathing.
  • Learn tips to incorporate breathing practice into everyday life.

  • Add to your health arsenal with breathing guidelines relating to sleep, stress levels, eating habits, illness, talking and public speaking, exercise or sporting performance.

  • Course manual.

  • Support throughout the six weeks of the programme via phone, email or Zoom.

The Course:

Breathing retraining through The Breathe Free Clinic is an educative and self-managed approach. You can learn in person or online in a small group of up to six people or in private one-to-one sessions which are structured in the following way: 


  • 6 breathing retraining sessions
    within a 6 week time frame.
  • Sessions 1 to 4 are held over four consecutive days
  • Session 5 is held 1 week later.
  • Session 6 is a private one-to-one capnometry.
  • follow-up held within 6 weeks of
    the start date


  • 6 privately held sessions offering greater flexibility of dates.
  • Sessions 1 to 4 within two weeks.
  • Session 5 held one week later.
  • Session 6 capnometry follow-up
    within 6 weeks of the start date.

Session timeframes:

What You Can Expect:

  • Education, motivation and accountability support from your practitioner throughout the programme.
  • A step-by-step programme that builds on itself with each session.
  • Significant improvements in symptoms even within the first week.  
  • Your progress will depend on the degree to which your breathing is disordered, your state of health, your level of self-awareness, motivation and commitment to put into practice what you learn and your willingness to address lifestyle factors which affect breathing. 
  • Breathing Self-Health Control tools for life.

What You Need to Know:

  • Exercises need to be practised daily until your breathing pattern has normalised or until you reach the best breathing pattern you are capable of, given your state of health. 
  • Exercises are not physically demanding and are tailored to you.  

  • By the end of the last session, you will have lifelong knowledge and skills that will enable you to maintain normal functional breathing. 

  • Children and teenagers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.


If you have been considering doing this breathing course at Breathe Free Clinic I can honestly say it has helped both my son (14 years) and I immensely.

Felicity is very easy to get along with, she is patient and professional.

Felicity provides clear documented guidelines so you can easily revise what you are doing. Learning effective breathing is a process where she encourages you and assists you with (to reach) the goals that you have for overall health improvement.

Breathing is definitely something we take for granted yet have never actually taken the time to learn how to do well.

This course can help with so many different facets of your well-being. The improvements if you follow her guidelines really do help you to feel fantastic.

Thank you Felicity. 

– Judy (53yrs) and Oscar (14yrs)

What Does it Cost?

In person (Waikato)$695$795
In person (outside Waikato)Price on RequestPrice on Request
Online (without capnography)$595$695
Private One to One  
In person (Waikato)$1380$1495
Online (without capnography)$1200$1350
Group Courses for Companies: 
In person (6 people minimum)

One Course only:

Multiple courses in a year discount negotiable

$750 pp
  • A monthly payment plan is available on request.
  • A 30% discount is available for additional family members.  If three or more children in one family, the fee will be further discounted.
  • Within 12 months of completion of your course you are able to attend any session of a group course as a refresher at no extra tuition cost.  
  • To optimise results we recommend a six month and yearly WOF breathing check-up.  
  • Some companies may be willing to support their staff to attend a course as part of their health and wellness policy.
NOTE: Prices are subject to change over time. Please enquire if you would like to discuss options and to confirm.

“Breathing Impacts Every Aspect of Health – sleep, digestion, movement,
mental wellbeing, disease and recovery … it’s an extraordinary resource with life changing
potential, and ….. available to everyone”

Patrick McKeown