Breathe Well Be Well

“All the healing forces originally reside in the human breathing system”  Rudolph Steiner

Felicity Campbell
BUTEYKO Practitioner
How we can help

Learn natural ways
to breathe with ease.
Ditch the itch, off the cough.

Stop the snore; improve your
sleep quality without the need
for appliances.

Sick of being in overdrive?
Give your nervous system
a break.

Wired and tired leads to fatigue.
Reduce the frequency  and severity of headaches and migraines.

Get rid of the constant drip,
blocked nose or irritating cough.

Support your body’s hormonal
rhythms, improve overall health
and potential for conception.

Reduce inflammation, think
more clearly, improve memory,
calm the nerves naturally.

Breathe at your best to be
your best, recover faster and
reduce pain.
Breathing well = your natural
performance enhancer .

Improving your Breathing can Help Your Quality of Life:


I have recently completed the 6 week Breathe Free Clinic Course with Felicity Campbell to relearn to nose breathe.
As a result the indigestion and reflux problems I experienced for over 40 years completely disappeared within a week or so of beginning the course and I am told that I no longer experience sleep Apnoea or snore much to my wife's delight. Certainly “Gobo”, the anti-snoring device I have put up with for many years is in the bin!
The focus on nose breathing has been an educationally enlightening enriching experience that I did not anticipate and I continue to discover the benefits of.
I found the course intense requiring real commitment, however Felicity's warm professional encouragement has ensured a life changing result.

David Stewart (70 years), Te Awamutu

I thought I knew how to breathe (well), and yet I really didn’t know much at all about breathing until I worked with Felicity.
Felicity’s comprehensive program has been incredibly life changing and very likely life extending.
I saw Felicity after suffering from years of chronic insomnia and PTSD and I was shocked and delighted at how quickly my symptoms improved.
Her extensive knowledge and support helped me embody the changes I needed to make and has given me invaluable tools that I know I’ll used forever!

Sarah Ashill (49 years), Wellington

I had periodic mild to severe episodes of asthma in addition to colds or flu that would regularly become bronchial infections. The worst of these ... prompted me to begin breathing retraining. In the more than a year since I have been engaged in the training, I have had no more episodes of asthma, no colds or flu, and no episodes of bronchial or lung infection.
I no longer need a bronchodilator and am in the process of eliminating a daily corticosteroid (which Leslie has since done) ...I highly recommend the Breathe Free Clinic's breathing retraining to others.​
It has been a great pleasure working with Felicity. Our written and video (online) communications were always prompt, well planned, and well executed. Felicity was very knowledgeable and well organised. Thank you.

Lesley Giesen (66 yrs) UAE - taught online

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